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Nanjing Brisk Metal Technology Co., Ltd. 86-157-1516-1517
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We focus on Sheet Metal Gripper, Auto Gripper, Press Gripper, Eoat Gripper products and so on

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China Nanjing Brisk Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Brisk Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Brisk Automation was founded in Nanjing China in 2013. 300 kilometers from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. We have specialized in manufacturing and selling of flexible gripping and modular tooling system for the automotive press room and body shop. Our products consist of a full line of sheet metal grippers, auto grippers, stamping grippers, press grippers, transfer press grippers, quick change systems, and end of arm toolings, ect. Moreover, Brisk's production process is automated with CNC machining centers, which enable us to manufacture our products with the maximum dimensional accuracy. We are committed to be a professional and reliable partner for worldwide automotive press shop and body shop.

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